Pharmacy Creditability – Employer Required Notice to Employees

rxHealth Net is mailing an important reminder to employer groups about a CMS notice they must provide their employees by October 15, 2016: Pharmacy plan creditable coverage. Continue reading

CA Large Group 101+ Starting Line-Up Portfolio Packs a Powerful Selling Punch for 2017!

As health care rapidly evolves, Health Net continues to define and refine affordable health coverage for employer groups and their employees. Steadfast in our commitment to the people and communities we serve, we make it easy for you to offer low-cost, quality plan choices that keep California employees healthy and companies going strong! Continue reading

New WA Large Group 51+ Portfolio Updated and Primed for Success

Health Net offers simple, sustainable, low-cost benefit solutions that keep employees healthy and companies going strong. Continuing that commitment, we have refreshed and streamlined our Washington Large Group 51+ portfolio to provide more balance and value for our clients and members – and to help drive more sales for you! All 2017 plans are quote-ready now, and the following updates are new for 1/1/17 effective: Continue reading

Oregon SBG Plans: Small Group 2.0 for 2017

Simplified. Sustainable. Small-business focused. That’s what Health Net Health Plan of Oregon, Inc. (Health Net) promised when we introduced Small Group 2.0 last year. And that’s what we’re delivering again for 2017.  Continue reading

Oregon SBG Plans Update: Transitional Relief

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation (DFR) provided transitional relief to small groups, delaying the move to ACA-compliant plans. Groups that are currently on a transitional plan may early renew with an effective date of 12/1/2016, with coverage ending 11/30/2017. For the January 1, 2017, transitional groups, we will be providing you with rating information for an early renewal. Continue reading

2017 Open Enrollment: Oregon Individual & Family Plan Line-Up

iStock_000061840618_SmallHealth Net Health Plan of Oregon, Inc. (Health Net) is further simplifying our Individual & Family Plan portfolio for 2017. We will only be offering a CommunityCare and a PPO standard silver and a standard bronze plan in 2017. We will soon be notifying members so they’re ready for open enrollment. Continue reading

2017 Open Enrollment: California Individual & Family Plan Line-up

Your Health Net Website is now redesignedHere at Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net), we’re making 2017 simple with easy renewals! Our line-up of Individual & Family Plans (IFP) remains unchanged from 2016. Continue reading