Recognizing Depression

Research has shown that depression is pervasive and costly – Its impact can be felt even in the workplace. The Impact of Depression at Work Audit (IDeA) survey of American workers, for example, revealed two in five respondents missed an average of 10 work days a year due to depression.

MHN offers the following tips to employees on how to recognize depression.

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Individual & Family Plan Changes and Choices for 2016

Western Region Brokers

As we head into Open Enrollment for 2016, we want to thank you for your support and collaboration again this year. Together, we helped more people connect with health coverage in 2015. Now it’s time to get set for 2016.

2016 Open Enrollment runs from November 1, 2015, through January 31, 2016. Health Net is ready to support you and your clients with a simplified portfolio, tailored to each of the states where we offer IFP products — California, Arizona and Oregon.

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MHN’s Employee Assistance Program: A Win-Win for Large Groups

Chief Sales Officer for Large Business and President of MHN Larry Tallman has released his latest audio message to brokers and sales agents.



In this message, Larry details the MHN Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and how it can not only be a key selling point, but also a great means to create and establish long-lasting client relationships for 2016 and beyond.

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Hiring New Employees: 10 Tips to Finding the Right Fit

Hiring tips that ensure successAs high tech as today’s business world has become, the success or failure of any enterprise is still most fundamentally fueled by the human factor. Hiring the right or wrong employee can be a make-or-break decision.

Here are a few tips to finding the right fit – feel free to share this with your customers!

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Pharmacy Creditability – Employer Required Notice to Employees

biz_meeting-resized-hiCMYKHealth Net is mailing an important reminder to employer groups about a CMS notice they must provide their employees by October 15, 2015: Pharmacy plan creditable coverage.

Employers must send this notice to their employees in the coming weeks, if they haven’t already. We are mailing a letter to let them know about this notice requirement.

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The Quit For Life® Mobile App

quit for life


The Quit For Life® Mobile App helps our Health Net members go ‪smoke-free‬ at their own pace, allowing them to set their Quit Date, calculate their savings, and select their reasons to quit.

This mobile app gently reminds users when they may feel a relapse coming on, provides tips to help members succeed, and calculates potential cost savings!

Download the free app at

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Minimum Essential Coverage Reporting Activity

Health Net will begin requesting Subscriber and Dependent Social Security Numbers on September 21, 2015

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 6055 requires Health Net to report Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) data to the IRS about the coverage for each individual, including covered dependents starting in 2016.

Health Net will report MEC data to the IRS for all commercial fully insured business with the exception of Individual Marketplace (“on-exchange”) plans. Health Plans are not required to report for government programs including state health plans, Medicare, and Medicaid/Medi-Cal.

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Information for Wildfire Victims and Evacuees

Health Net is providing access to essential prescriptions and other services

Health Net, Inc. is helping ensure that Health Net members who are victims and evacuees of California, Oregon and Washington’s current wildfires have access to essential prescription medications, critical Health Net information and services to help them cope with grief, loss, stress or trauma.

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September Is National Recovery Month

Natl Recovery MonthDid you know September is National Recovery Month? This health observance is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of mental and substance use issues and celebrating those who have overcome them.

Most of us know someone who has struggled with substance use or mental illness. One in four of us are living with mental illness, and 22 million of us have a substance use disorder, according to the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness’ Stamp Out Stigma website.

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