Increase Productivity With These 10 Apps

10 apps to help improve productivity


Your smartphone can be much more than a way to catch up on the latest during your commute. Used correctly, it transforms into a tool to help you get organized, save time, work smarter and cut costs.

The marketplace is loaded with free or low-cost apps that are easy to use and fill the bill. Wading through them to find the winners can be a long slog; we’ve given you a head start by cherry-picking 10 worth investigating.




Asana (Android, iPhone)

Thisl tool helps teams communicate better and work together more efficiently. Members can collaborate from various locations to create and edit team to-do lists, prioritize tasks and assign action items.


Bounce (Android, iPhone is coming soon)

A handy app that juggles your online calendar with your phone’s map apps and live traffic updates to be sure you’re never late again.


CallFlakes (Android)

Immediately after you finish a phone call, tap your phone once to choose from action-item follow-up options including text, reminder, e-mail, meeting, share, call or Web search.


Crosspost (iPhone)

Post easily and simultaneously to Facebook and Twitter with a sophisticated app that lets you preview links and avoid duplicate messages.


Evernote (Android, iPhone)

A recent redesign makes it easier than ever to find, save, use and share information including photos, web clippings and notes.


LogMeIn (Android, iPhone)

With the potential to be a real lifesaver, this tool lets you access your computer’s desktop through your smartphone to view documents and launch applications


Maluuba (Android)

Billed as an alternative to Apple’s Siri, this voice-powered helper app is a personal assistant in your pocket.


Speaktoit (Android)

Award-winning virtual assistant app has new features for business users, including voice-powered calendar and meeting scheduling, as well as stock exchange and financial news and information.


Workshare (iPhone)

Sync computer files and mobile device files – with complete security. The app also helps remote team members communicate easily with real-time access to file updates and capability to comment from any device.


Wunderlist (Android, iPhone)

Sync to-do lists and reminders among your electronic devices – and share them with team members.


Harness the power of your smartphone and put it to work for you. You might just find that you’re so much more efficient you have a little time left over for gossip!




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Stacy Madden