Consumers and Health Care Reform

New flyers cover the individual mandate, financial help and the new health care marketplace

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Today marks the official opening of the health insurance marketplaces. Many consumers still have questions about what they have to do by 2014.

Health Net has the answers in two new flyers designed to support your conversations with individual and family clients and prospects.

This flyer covers the individual mandate and the opportunity for financial help. Both elements are integral to the Affordable Care Act goal of increasing the number of Americans who have affordable health coverage.


The new flyer is available to download today and explains:

• Coverage requirements for individuals beginning January 1, 2014.
• People who are exempt from the individual mandate.
• The penalties for people who choose not to buy health coverage.
• Premium assistance.
• Cost-sharing reductions.

You’ll also find an overview of the employer-shared responsibility, which will begin effective 2015.


The new health care marketplace

Written directly for the consumer, this flyer is a great one to hand out to clients. We walk consumers through the basics of the new health care marketplaces. In simple, straightforward terms, we detail:

  • What consumers can buy.
  • How much coverage costs – the split between what the consumer pays and what the health insurance (“coverage”) company pays.
  • What type of financial help is available.
  • Who is required to have health coverage by January 1, 2014.

We have included both flyers here and on our broker portal, under Forms & Brochures.

Individual Mandate & Financial Help Flyer

The New Health Care Marketplace Flyer

The marketplace flyer is California-based, but it’s general enough to be a good reference for brokers in Arizona and Oregon/Washington. Specific versions for those states are in development and will be posted as soon as available.

As reform hits Main Street, you’ve got one sure thing. Health Net.


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