Skilled Managers: Boosting Performance

Looking to become leaders in their industryEffective managers are critical to an organization’s success. Managers must maintain and support both the technical performance and interpersonal relationships of their team members. Through these efforts, skilled managers can attract talent and boost performance, engagement and retention.

An ineffective manager, on the other hand, can detract from departmental efficacy, significantly costing organizations money in turnover costs and missed opportunities for employee contribution.

Regardless of a manager’s tenure in his or her role, management skills can be developed and enhanced. MHN – Health Net, Inc.’s behavioral health subsidiary – provides a variety of skill development resources through its EAP, such as:

  • Workplace Training and Skill Development – Some sample course titles for managers include Essential Skills for Effective Management, Managing Personal and Employee Stress and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace.
  • Organizational Development – MHN can work with managers to assess departmental or organizational issues, recommend an action plan and implement that plan. MHN’s Organizational Development services also include management coaching to help unit leaders develop and improve skills to manage more effectively.
  • Organizational Guidance – MHN’s experienced management consultants can support managers through services such as management and labor consultations to address difficult workplace situations and Job Performance Referrals to remedy employee behavior and/or performance issues.

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