More Than an ID Card

Health Net focuses on early access and prevention


Looking through their vacation picturesHere at Health Net, we don’t wait until people get sick to help out. Our job, always, is to connect members with the care they need. Under the Affordable Care Act and with the risk adjustment program, reaching out to members is even more important.

We want our members to use their benefits, so they can be their healthiest! That’s why we’re doing outreach to encourage our members to get their annual wellness exam.





This exam is available at no additional cost and is the best way for people to know their health status. It’s also the most effective way for Health Net to know how best to meet members’ health needs.

Beginning mid-September, we will be calling and sending notices to our members across all lines of business. Members may receive a call from any one of these companies: MedXm, Housecall Doctors, Inspirius, Peak, or Windstone. The purpose of the calls is to remind members about their zero co-payment annual exam and let them know we’re offering an in-home health assessment as an extra convenience. The in-home health assessment counts as the annual zero co-payment exam.

Health Net has vetted all scripts and outreach materials to ensure communications to our members are respectful, helpful and clear.

Our outreach efforts reinforce our company’s priority and the purpose of our Decision Power® Health & Wellness program: to help reduce high-cost service utilization and support workplace productivity by connecting employees with information, resources and support. Boosting health through outreach, prevention and early access to care is another way we’re doing just that.


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