Opinion on the Affordable Care Act Remains Largely Unchanged

Most Say They Can Afford Their Prescription Drugs, But One in Four Say Paying is Difficult

Looking for ways to save money?About half of Americans (54%) report currently taking a prescription drug, and a large majority of them (72%) say their prescriptions are very or somewhat easy to afford. However, about a quarter (24%) say paying for their drugs is difficult, and difficulties rise among those with low incomes (33%) or those currently taking four or more prescription drugs (38%) – and is highest for those in fair or poor health (43%).  



These are among the findings from the August Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, which expands on findings from earlier this year looking at prescription drug costs. The new poll finds strong majorities of the public support a wide range of policy actions to lower the costs of prescription drugs.

To read more, go to the Kaiser Family Foundation Website, or click here.

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Mike Spasoff