The Quit For Life® Mobile App

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The Quit For Life® Mobile App helps our Health Net members go ‪smoke-free‬ at their own pace, allowing them to set their Quit Date, calculate their savings, and select their reasons to quit.

This mobile app gently reminds users when they may feel a relapse coming on, provides tips to help members succeed, and calculates potential cost savings!

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Features Focused on Motivation


Set Your Quit Date

Setting a quit date reinforces your commitment to quit. The app prompts you to set a quit date about two weeks away, enough time for you to prepare but not so much time that you lose motivation.


Calculate Your Savings

Enter the average number of cigarettes you smoke daily and the price you pay per pack. The app then calculates your potential cost savings, and after you quit, the app tallies the money you’ve actually saved.


Pick Your Reasons to Quit

You’ll reflect on why you’re quitting and select reasons meaningful to you. Once you’ve quit, the app will help prevent relapse by reminding you of your reasons.

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