New Videos for Members Debuts Online

Introducing a new video series to help members better understand health insurance!

HN Member videos photo Oct 2015These fun-to-watch short videos will help members understand what they need to know when shopping for health insurance and getting the most out of their health coverage.  The videos cover topics from the basics of a health plan to definitions of terms.



Our first video in the series is called “The Right Fit.” This video covers:

  • The basics of a health plan
  • How to compare costs and benefits of different plans
  • How to find the plan that best fits your health care needs and budget
  • What Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze health care categories mean


The second video in our new series, “Know Your Health Coverage Costs”, will help members better understand the costs related to their health insurance!

“Know Your Health Coverage Costs” explains:

  • How health insurance helps pay for the costs of doctor and hospital visits
  • What costs are covered in a health plan
  • How understanding what you pay and when can help you choose the right level of health care

Keep an eye out for other videos in the series throughout the months of October and November! There’s an English and Spanish-language version for each video, so members can watch it in the language they prefer.



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