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Stay in sync with your clients

Now, you can keep track of your Health Insurance Marketplace clients when they are loaded into our system. This allows you to find information about your clients who enroll in a Marketplace plan but are in pending status due to their initial binder payment not being received.

This feature lets you locate your client’s subscriber ID # (R number) so that they can make their first payment and be activated!

Here’s how to locate your pending Marketplace clients:

  • Log in to your HealthNet.com account and select Book of Business & Commissions.
  • Select Pending from the Status drop down menu. Click Search.
  • You can view each subscriber ID and the plan he or she applied for.
  • You can also find dependent information.

Please note: Enrollees can pay online at www.healthnet.com > New member Welcome Center.

The premium due can be found there once they log in.

Not registered?

Go to www.healthnet.com/broker, and click on Register to set up your secure user account.

Health Net is here — now and in the future — to help you manage your clients.

Health Net of Arizona, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company are Qualified Health Plan issuers on the Health Insurance Marketplace.
Health Net of Arizona, Inc. underwrites benefits for HMO plans, and Health Net Life Insurance.

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