Part II: AZ & OR Letters for Premium Payments From TPP and MAA Mailings

This is Part II of the March 11, 2016 post titled, “Premium Payments From Third Party Payors and Maximum Allowable Amount Mailings.” This contains the PDFs of the letters for the Arizona and Oregon segments. 



Arizona IFP – Cover – MAA-AZ IFP Group cover letter (R3)

Arizona IFP – Amendment – 2016 IFP PPO MAA Amend

Arizona LG – Cover – MAA-AZ LG Group cover letter (R3)

Arizona LG – Amendment – 2015-16 Lrg NG GF PPO MAA Amend

Arizona SBG GF – AZ SBG GF notification

Arizona SBG – Cover – MAA-AZ SBG Group cover letter (R3)

Arizona SBG/SHOP/OEX – Amendment – 2016 SBG PPO MAA Amend



Oregon – Cover – MAA-OR Group cover letter (R3)

Oregon IFP – Cover – MAA-OR IFP cover letter (R3)

2015 SBG PPO – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement SGrp_(2015)_PPO

2016 SBG PPO – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement SGrp_(2016)_PPO

2015 SBG CC3T – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement SGrp_(2015)_CC3T

2016 SBG CC3T – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement SGrp_(2016)_CC3T

2015 LG PPO – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement LGrp_(2015)_PPO

2016 LG PPO – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement LGrp_(2016)_PPO (HDHP)

2015 LG CC3T – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement LGrp_(2015)_CC3T

2015 LG TO – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement LGrp_(2015)_TO-POS

2015 LG FlexNet – HNOR OR MAA Endorsement LGrp_(2015)_FN

2016 IFP PPO – HNOR OR IFP MAA Endorsement_PPO

2016 IFP CC2T – HNOR OR IFP MAA Endorsement_CC2T




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