Why Invest in Employee Development?

Business Team Listening To Presentation At DeskEmployees are an organization’s most important asset, yet employee development is often neglected. A significant investment, employee development can help organizations maximize workforce potential in increasing productivity and quality of work. Learn more about investing in employee development.



  • Increasing workforce productivity and quality of work. Employee development can help employees become more efficient and effective in their work roles.
  • Increasing employee engagement. Knowing that an employer is willing to invest in employee development can spark employee motivation and boost job satisfaction.
  • Improving workforce well-being. Employee development – especially in areas such as health and wellness and work-life balance – can help keep employees healthy and productive.
  • Attracting and retaining talent. When hiring, employee development can be touted as a benefit, giving an organization a competitive advantage over others who are offering a similar job and salary.
  • Promoting from within. Employee development can create a pool of capable workers, primed for promotion. On a similar note, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge can open up new career pathways for employees, providing incentive to stay and grow with the organization.


Maximizing employee potential with MHN

MHN’s standard Employee Assistance Program (EAP) includes an allotment of training hours, and employers can add training hours for an additional fee. (Customized workshops and seminars are developed by an MHN curriculum development specialist and available for an additional fee.)


Workshops and seminars – delivered by experienced, professional trainers – can help employees develop the skills they need for work and life. MHN’s workshops and seminars cover the following categories: work-life, management skill development, health and wellness, workplace safety and protection and employee skills development.


To learn more, please call 1-800-327-7526 or email productinfo@mhn.com.




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