Western Region Large Group 101+: Larry Tallman GA/Broker Centene and Health Net Message

Centene_Corporation-v2-highresCentene and Health Net Together: Strongly Positioned for Success


In March, Health Net and Centene Corporation became one company – making us the 4th largest health insurance company in the U.S. The merger created a new, stronger company – providing health care to 11.4 million members. With Centene as our parent company, we are now a leading, diversified health care services enterprise generating close to $40B in 2016 expected revenue both nationally and internationally. There are many current positive alignments with Centene and Health Net, including:

  • Large memberships.
  • Local service model.
  • Working with influential business partners such as brokers and consultants.
  • High levels of
  • Custom benefit plans and tailored networks.

And these will flourish with our merger!


Forging a new future

As we move forward, our strategy focuses on local accountability, growth and quality. Our strength resonates in our overarching purpose: Transforming the health of the community, one person at a time.


Centene is committed to the commercial insurance markets in our western region. As part of this, we will focus on operational efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and fast implementation of new health plans, programs and products. We will also work to grow our market share and continue to offer competitive innovative products that will be attractive to consumers.


Local approach

We know that we need to be where our members are, and to be actively involved within our communities. This awareness creates tremendous synergy and selling opportunities for Health Net and our business partners now that we’re operating under Centene:

  • Local leadership: Our regional presidents reside in California, Arizona and Oregon.
  • Our regional sales leaders and teams remain servicing their local business partners and accounts.
  • Various operational functions will be located in each of our local markets.
  • Our local executive leadership teams are responsible for driving growth and making sure our members receive a high standard of care.



Centene believes in diverse lines of business on a national and international level. With the purchase of Health Net, Centene can now amplify a local business approach to more markets in government programs and commercial lines, including:


  • Increasing our number of employer groups in every region and acquiring more members.
  • Launching new products focused on competitive pricing.


Quality orientation

Additionally, we will continue to partner with local organizations and provider groups who share our commitment to improved health outcomes for individuals and families – which can lead to more vibrant communities.


As Centene business practices have shown – whether working with health service providers, advocacy groups, state agencies, or non-profit organizations – these partnerships enable more comprehensive and accessible health care for members and stronger, healthier communities for generations to come.



If you have questions or would like more details about this communication, contact our Broker Services department at 1-800-448-4411, option 4, or your local Health Net sales consultant. Thank you for partnering with us. We’re happy to help you continue to have a strong, successful year and generate as many sales as possible!



Larry Tallman

Chief Sales Officer, Western Region

Large Group and Major Accounts

(818) 676-6543





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