CA Brokers: Slam-Dunk Sales

Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company

(Health Net)


Bring home the sales and make 2016 your most profitable year yet. Health Net has what you need – easy enrollment guidelines, bonuses and quick tips – to convert California small business groups from prospects to clients.


New Sales Bonus Program

We’ve pumped up our bonus program for new small business group sales. In Q4, sell new groups with 6 or more subscribers, and we’ll pay you a bonus per subscriber – starting at $50 per subscriber, up to the highest tier of $250 per subscriber!


Easy Enroll Program for New Sales

New groups of 10+ employees can enroll with only their current carrier bill (most recent cycle) and a maximum active subscriber change of +/- 10 percent. Check out Easy Enroll.


Slam-Dunk Application Tips

10 days to done, from application activation to ID card. How’s that for speed? You can have it when you submit clean (legible) and complete (all information provided) applications.


This week, we’re launching our Slam-Dunk Application Tips so that you can go from sale to ID card to commissions faster than ever.


Here’s our very best tip: If information is listed on the application, we need it.


Plus! Health Net retention specialists are available for in-office trainings and strategic sales support sessions. And your account manager is on deck as your go-to resource.


Go Q4 – more sales, faster and easier. Let’s make a bigger impact, together.




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