2016 Health Net Large Group 101+: A Great Year for Advancing Our Future!

2016 was a tremendous year of change and opportunity! Not just for Health Net, but for our valued business partners as well. In March, Health Net and Centene Corporation became one company – making us the 4th largest insurance company in the United States. Because we became a larger company, we also became much stronger by committing to a diversified growth strategy, and to the people and communities we serve. We developed new ways of doing business – creating great opportunities for you to increase sales. As we look forward to even greater achievements in 2017, we’d like to look back on the success that made 2016 a great year!


Centene and Health Net together, positioned for success

With Centene as our parent company, our 2016 strategy focused on local accountability, growth and quality. As part of this, we concentrated our efforts on operational efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and fast implementation. Additionally, we became a leading, diversified health care services enterprise, generating close to $40B in 2016 expected revenue, both nationally and internationally.


Business-boosting solutions

Our 2016 business-boosting solutions helped lead the way throughout the western region in supporting your sales efforts – setting the stage for you to sell more, enroll more and get paid more. And – we’re excited to announce new 2017 broker bonus programs are launching in all our regions!


Our PPO advantage

Our traditional PPO and HSA/HRA plans – supported by extensive medical and pharmacy networks – offered greater flexibility and choice. This equated to tremendous sales opportunities for you.


Our Arizona region PPO sales were supported by a 10 percent rate reduction on all our HSA plans.


In California, our PPO claims were processed fast – 94 percent1 within 10 business days! We also offered a PPO package to support sales.

1Data reported for January–October 2016.


And in the Northwest, we provided traditional PPOs, high-deductible health plans and HSA plans grouped into families – So your clients could create the right balance between their health care needs and their budgets.



  • The Health Savings Account (HSA) plans rate reduction expanded selling options by reducing rates on all our HSA plans by 10% for all groups, both new and renewing.
  • Our Enhanced HSA and Wellness Program provided key health-improvement features to increase sales, including:
  1. Healthy Returns program.
  2. Enrollment options in HSA and PPO plans.
  3. Funding support for wellness programs.
  • The HSA broker bonus produced opportunities to earn cash for new sales only of HSA 101+ group plans.



  • Our popular and competitive Enhanced Choice defined contribution portfoliocontinued to grow – with new rate guarantee and PPO-Only Package options to help generate more sales to groups 101–500.
  • Our Broker bonus program enabled brokers to earn a $75 bonus for each member enrolled in a 101+ new group PPO plan and a $50 bonus for each member enrolled in a 101+ new group HMO plan.
  • Our ID Card Express program guarantees Health Net ID cards will be mailed to eligible group employees within 10 business days from the date of their Welcome Letter, or we’ll pay the employer group $5,000! Just another way Health Net delivers on our commitment to our clients and members.



  • Our Enhanced Choice in Oregon and Washington solution gave your clients more plan choices and you the opportunity to increase your sales.
  • The CommunityCare Network in Oregon created value and lower costs for employers and employees by combining a unique blend of benefits, a tailored network and personal, whole-health support in one simple package. This provided even more competitive sales advantages to support client needs.


Overall, it was an extremely busy year at Health Net! We will continue to offer simple, smart and sustainable benefit solutions in 2017 – making it easy for you to offer low-cost plan choices to your clients and their employees. As always, our sales and account management teams will continue to work together to create a beneficial experience for you every step of the way. Thank you for your partnership with us. We look forward to being your partner in the 2017 marketplace and beyond.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please call me or contact your local sales consultant.



Larry Tallman

Chief Sales Officer, Western Region

Large Group and Major Accounts

(818) 676-6543







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