OR & WA Small Group New Business Census Enrollment Forms Now Available

We’re thrilled to offer you the OR & WA Small Group Census Enrollment tools for New Business!

The census enrollment tool offers great advantages:

  • Eliminates excess paperwork – No longer have to submit paper employee enrollment forms!
  • Manual entry errors are eliminated – No more misreading of handwriting! Huge time saver!
  • Streamlines and speeds up new group enrollment – quicker underwriting and enrollment processes
  • ID Cards are generated faster


The census enrollment tool was created with Excel. There are drop down menus on the spreadsheets to help guide you through the process, plus we’ve created an easy to follow guide that defines and explains each column on the spreadsheet.


How it works – Just 3 EASY steps!

Step 1: You or the group’s administrator enters the data from the completed and signed employee applications into the Excel census enrollment spreadsheet. (Use one census enrollment spreadsheet per employer group).


Step 2: Complete all required fields on the following 3 tabs:

A. New Employee


C. Waivers


Step 3: Email the spreadsheet to your Health Net Account Executive via encrypted email, along with the group application and any other required documents. (You don’t have to send the paper employee applications to Health Net when you use the new Census Enrollment tool, but be sure to keep them for your records).


Where to find it

Both the OR & WA Census Enrollment Excel forms and the accompanying Census Enrollment Guides are waiting for you on our Broker Hub.


A quicker and easier enrollment process for you and your client! Use the new Census Enrollment tool today!


Questions? Call your Health Net Sales Representative.







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