Health Net’s 2017 Wellness Programs: Making a Difference!

Message from Chief Sales Officer Larry Tallman for western region large group, and California small business group and individual plans

Keeping our members healthy and fostering well-being are top priorities at Health Net. Our wellness benefit programs had proven success in 2016 and are growing in demand! These programs are continuing to make a positive difference. Join us by sharing our successful and new 2017 wellness benefit program offerings with your clients!

Click on the following link, which provides all exciting details: 2017WellnessPrograms

We have a profound commitment to the health of our members – and to help your business grow! Please call me or contact your local sales consultant if you have any questions or would like more information about these wellness program opportunities.


Larry Tallman
Chief Sales Officer
Western Region, Large Group and Major Accounts
California, Small Business Group and Individual and Family Plans
(818) 676-6543



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