Health Net 101 Puts Answers in Customers’ Hands

Health Net 101 is a fun new collection of online member education resources that make it easier for you to help your clients become better informed about health coverage so they get the most value.  

Fun New Consumer Resources Now Online

Get to know Health Net 101, a debut collection of member-focused videos and companion handouts that are short, simple and to the point. They’re packed with answers to the questions people ask most – about individual and family plan coverage in general and Health Net options in particular. And they’re all readily available, in English and Spanish, on the Health Net website.

Take a Classroom Tour

We’ve made it easy for you and your customers to stroll through the whole Health Net 101 library – all in one handy online location. Every click on the resources offered at provides more of what members need at different phases of their Health Net journey. Among the topics to discover in this helpful collection:

  • Making Your First Premium Payment
  • Paying Less for Health Coverage
  • Getting Started With Your New Health Plan
  • Choosing Your Doctor
  • Setting Up Your Online Account
  • Staying Covered When Life Changes
  • Your Monthly Premium

Share the Wisdom

Health Net 101 delivers clear, concise information that meets your individual and family clients where they are … and gives you new tools that help you take your business where you want it to go. To answer questions customers have about specific topics, just share one or all of these easy-to-remember URLs to take people to the content that will serve them best.


Video Title




URL to Share with Customers


Making Your First Premium Payment


How to pay your first monthly premium payment and get started with your health plan’s benefits.


Paying Less for Health Coverage


How to find out if you qualify for financial assistance on your health plan’s premium.


Getting Started with Your New Health Plan


How to explore the wide range of benefits that come with your Health Net health plan.


Choosing your Doctor


How to select or change your main doctor in your Health Net health plan’s network.


Setting Up Your Online Account


How to create an account at and get the most out of your health coverage.


Staying Covered When Life Changes


How to keep your health plan current in times of transition for you or your family.


Your Monthly Premium


How to choose the premium payment option that works best for you.





Questions about Health Net 101? Contact Elaine Nguyen at 415-968-9080 or



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