California Large Group Enhanced Choice: New Choices for More Sales!

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Health Net’s popular and competitive Enhanced Choice defined contribution portfolio continues to grow – Adding more marketable choices to help you generate more sales!

New and quote-ready today are additional Elect Open Access (EOA) choices that promote flexibility and affordability – Top priorities for employer groups and their employees.

Our new EOA plan is built with competitive costs of $15 office visit, $250 hospital, and $1,500 HMO/$4,500 PPO out-of-pocket maximums. You can also couple the new plan with our ExcelCare tailored network, making it even more affordable and competitive.

Great values continue

Our portfolio continues to offer:

  • Low-cost plans for employer groups with SmartCare, ExcelCare, Salud, HMO, EOA, PPO, PPO HSA products and networks.
  • PPO-Only Package: a smart way to sell with a choice of three packaged PPO plans
  • The essentials to complement medical coverage: dental, vision, chiropractic, employee assistance program (EAP), wellness.
  • Multiproduct bundling program: Your clients can receive up to 2% in combined savings! Groups with a minimum of 101 employees and less than 500 enrolled members pay less for medical premiums when they add dental, vision and/or life to their quote.
  • Broad employee choice: offering employees the potential to choose from up to six plans.

Information and sales tools
For additional information and updated Enhanced Choice sales materials, visit or Brokers > View forms and brochures > Large Group Plans.

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