Arizona Large Group portfolio refreshed and ready for 2018

Broker meeting 4Health Net is pleased to announce our Arizona large group portfolio is refreshed and ready for 2018 plan year selling! Our portfolio is built to last, and continues to offer simple, sustainable, and low-cost benefit solutions that keep employees healthy and companies going strong – helping you sustain enduring client relationships that power your business.
New for a Jan. 1, 2018, effective date
Our proven solutions meet the needs of your customers today, and provide value in the future. We’ve refreshed and streamlined our marketable large group portfolio to provide more balance and value:

  • New PPO plans with wider ranges of out-of-pocket maximums:
    • $25/$50/$500/$4,500/20%
    • $25/$50/$3,000/$4,000/20%
    • $30/$50/$4,000/$5,000/30%
  • A new lean PPO plan: $50/$100/$7,350/$7,350/0%
  • Active&Fit Direct, a new fitness discount through American Specialty Health, is available with all our portfolio plans. It provides members choice, affordability, and convenience:
    • Members receive simultaneous access to all facilities within the national network.
    • Member-funded: $25/month fee, $25 initiation fee, online link accessible through the Health Net member portal.

That’s not all!
Our 2018 vision portfolio of plans provides a broader range of coverage choices and more value. Envolve Vision will be servicing our plans, and will offer the same EyeMed provider network employers and employees use today.
2018 vision plan offerings

 Elite 1010-1 (previously Elite 010-1)
 Preferred 1025-2
 Supreme 010-2 (previously Supreme 1010-2)
 Preferred 1025-3
 Preferred Value 10-3
 Plus 20-1
 Exam Only

Retired vision plans as of Jan. 1, 2018

 Preferred 1010-1
 Supreme 010-1
 Supreme 010-2
 Supreme 1010-1
 Supreme 1010-3

Our portfolio continues offering great values for employers and employees:

  • HMO Self-referral, HSA, and PPO plans, all available to pair with our standard 3- and 4-tier PPO pharmacy plans, and 4-tier HMO pharmacy plans.
  • Medical and pharmacy cross-accumulation for all plans in our portfolio.
  • Standard pharmacy plans available with and without deductibles.
  • Specialty pharmacy tier available with copay and coinsurance options.
  • HSA/HRA Integrated with HealthEquity administration is available. HSA can be integrated with our High-Deductible health plans, and the HRA can be integrated with our PPO plans.
  • The essentials to complement medical coverage: dental, vision, chiropractic, employee assistance program (EAP), and wellness.

Sales materials are available now on our Forms & Brochures site, including:

  • Broker large group portfolio desktopper
  • English and Spanish medical and pharmacy plan overviews
  • HealthEquity materials (via the link to the HealthEquity sales resource site).

Quote now for a Jan. 1, 2018, effective date
Contact your Health Net sales consultant today, and get your clients enrolled for the 2018 plan year!




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