OR/WA Small Group 2.0 refreshed for 2018

Application RemindersOur commitment to Small Group 2.0 continues in 2018 with even more health care options to help you satisfy clients and boost your business.

Health Net Small Group 2.0 is the place to be for 2018

With our focus on your future, Health Net continues to combine right-size solutions and industry-leading support to help your Oregon and/or Washington business flourish.


We’re expanding our product line with three new PPO plans: Gold, Silver and Bronze. These new high-deductible plans are compatible with a Health Savings Account and can help your employers save money.

2018 Portfolio

 CommunityCare 1T and 3T plans  
  • 25-750-2-3000DX
  • 25-1000-2-6500DX
  • 30-3500-2-6500DX
  • 30-4500-2-7350ES
  • 45-6500-3-7350ES
 PPO plans
  • P20-750-2-4000LX
  • P30-1500-2-6000DX
  • P30-2500-3-6000DX
  • P30-3500-3-6500DX (NEW)
  • P30-4000-3-7350ES
  • P40-5000-3-7350ES
  • P75-5000-5-7150ES
  • P6000-2-7000ES (NEW)
  • P7350-0-7350ES (NEW)
  • HD2700-2-5500ES
  • HD6550-0-6550ES
  • Standard Gold
  • Standard Silver
  • Standard HSA Bronze

For plan highlights and ancillary options, check out the Oregon SBG broker desktopper.

Plan closure

Effective January 1, 2018, we will no longer offer the PPO Platinum P10-250-2-3000LX plan.

Additionally, we are changing the naming convention of our CommunityCare plans. While the products’ benefits and networks remain the same, some of the member cost-shares have been updated. These changes require a notification to impacted employers and members.

Throughout the remainder of 2017 and 2018, Health Net will send closure notices to impacted employer groups and members.

  • 90-day closure letters to employer groups and members with a January rerate will mail at the end of September, per regulatory requirements.

Please know that Health Net is required by law to tell your clients and their employees about coverage options through the Marketplace. We are strongly encouraging employees to talk to their employer and for employers to contact you before making any decisions.


2018 Portfolio
We are working on finalizing the Washington portfolio of plans. As new materials and communications are available, we will update the Broker Hub.

Oregon and Washington renewals made easy!

We will send renewal packages monthly. Renewal packages will mail at least 60 days prior to each group’s rerate month. Groups will have their choice to renew, move to the Health Net plan most similar to what they have now (if the one they have is closing), choose another Small Group 2.0 plan, or explore coverage through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM).

New Active&Fit Direct

Active&Fit Direct, a new fitness facility program through American Specialty Health, is available with all of our group portfolio plans in Oregon and Washington. It provides choice, affordability and convenience:

  • Members can join a participating fitness facility for just $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee).
  • Participants will have access to all fitness facilities within the national network.
  • Offers online fitness tracking from a wide variety of popular wireless fitness devices, apps and exercise equipment.

Small Group 2.0 for new sales 

Small Group 2.0 for 2018 is the place to be for new sales! Beginning in October, check out the Broker Hub for the resources you need, such as:

  • Desktopper
  • Portfolio Guide
  • Forms and much more!

Your business depends on helping people make the most of their health – with coverage that’s relevant, local and affordable. Health Net’s Small Group 2.0 equips you with choices to satisfy your clients and power your business. Contact your Health Net account manager with any questions.

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