2018 Open Enrollment: Oregon Individual & Family Plan line-up

Application RemindersHealth Net Health Plan of Oregon, Inc. (Health Net) is further simplifying our Individual & Family Plan portfolio for 2018. We will only be offering a PPO standard Silver and a PPO standard Bronze HSA plan in 2018. We are notifying members so they’re ready for open enrollment.  


2018 IFP Portfolio: Closures and Migrations

Health Net will offer two off-exchange plans in 2018 – we will not be offering plans through the Marketplace. Members on plans that we are discontinuing are being mapped to one of the two. They’ll have their choice to move to that plan, or choose new coverage for 2018.

  • Health Net Oregon Standard Silver POS plan members will be moved to the Health Net Oregon Standard Silver PPO plan.
  • Health Net Oregon Standard Bronze POS plan members will be moved to the Health Net Oregon Standard Bronze HSA PPO plan.


Important updates for 2018

New website

We have a new website www.MyHealthNetOregon.com that goes live in time for open enrollment. Shoppers will be able to find everything they need to enroll for 2018.

Online quoting and enrollment

Online quoting will be available Nov. 1, 2017. However, to apply for 2018 coverage, applicants will need to submit a paper application and mail a check. Online enrollment will not be available for 2018.

Payment options

Payment options for 2018 will be limited to pay by mail. The online payment options and recurring payment will not be available for 2018.

The recurring payment option for existing renewing members will end in January. We will notify impacted members in advance. We will send an update when those communications are available.

Event Timeline

Sept.29     Health Net mailed passive-closure (migration) to members. The notices list any significant differences between their current plan, and the 2018 plan we will be moving them to, as well as the new monthly rate, effective Jan. 1. The notice will tell members about all their 2018 coverage options, and reassure them that no action is needed until open enrollment starts on Nov. 1, 2017.
Oct. 20     Health Net mails renewal letters to members on plans that are continuing for 2018. These letters tell members that they can keep the plan they have now and explain the options if they want to make a change.
Nov. 1     Open enrollment officially begins.
Mid-Nov.     Health Net mails reminder letters.
Dec. 15     Last day to enroll in new coverage for a Jan. 1, 2018, effective date.
Dec. 15     Open enrollment for 2018 closes.

Please contact your Account Executive at 1-888-802-7001 (choose option 2) with any questions.


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