Preparing your workforce for a natural disaster

Sharing reform news with your clientsAs we’ve seen over the past few months, natural disasters can arrive unexpectedly or with merely a few days’ notice. When evaluating their preparedness programs, companies need to be sure to ask the right questions to ensure the safety of employees and the continuity of business operations.

Just as individuals take their own precautions when natural disaster strikes, business leaders need to get busy managing their organizations’ emergency plans, keeping employees updated with crucial information and support, and making sure business stays on track.

Consider some of these questions used by FEMA to evaluate safety programs and capabilities:

  • Have we evaluated our program and identified any planning or procedural deficiencies?
  • Do we need to have formal and periodic practices of our preparedness plans?
  • Have we established a communications plan with our employees so they know what to do in various situations?
  • Have we engaged with our local emergency management partners?
  • Have we considered all populations in our planning process?
  • If an earthquake or catastrophic disaster were to impact our area, do we have resources that we could offer to support the community?
  • Does everyone involved in our plan know his or her role/responsibility?
  • What plans do we have in place to maintain continuity of operations?

Best practices also include sharing plans and emergency resources with employees early to help them prepare as well. The following websites can provide assistance with personal and business planning.

Organizations with an employee assistance program (EAP) should promote the service in advance of – as well as during and after – a devastating event to ensure team members and their family members have access to ongoing support with stress, grief, or loss of any kind.

How MHN Can Help

MHN can help your clients and their employees cope with the impact of traumatic events and return to normal functioning.

For management: MHN’s management consultants are available for crisis guidance and assistance in developing a plan to address employee needs.

For employees: Through MHN’s member website, employees can access a wealth of resources to help them with anxiety, stress, traumatic event recovery, and more. Employees can also receive support for grief, anxiety and stress through their EAP.

To learn more about MHN’s services, please visit MHN’s website at, call 1-800-327-7526 or email


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