California Large Group Enhanced Choice portfolio: Refreshed to power your 2018 business

ThinkstockPhotos-522805842_jpgHealth Net is pleased to announce our Enhanced Choice portfolio is refreshed for 2018 plan-year selling. Enhanced Choice, our top-selling defined-contribution portfolio, is built to last. It continues to provide simple, sustainable and low-cost benefit solutions that keep employees healthy and companies going strong – helping you sustain enduring client relationships that power your business.

New for a Jan. 1, 2018, effective date

Our proven solutions meet the needs of your customers today and in the future. We’ve refreshed the portfolio to provide more value for employer groups and consumers:

  • New PPO-Only Package low and high plan options that cross-accumulate medical and pharmacy deductibles (plan codes EET, EEU, EEV and EES).
  • New PPO lean plan (plan code EES), with $7,350/$14,700 out-of-pocket maximums (OOPMs), cross-accumulates medical and pharmacy deductibles.
  • Our leanest SmartCare, Salud, HMO, ExcelCare HMO, EOA, and ExcelCare EOA plans offer new $5,350/$10,700 medical OOPMs.
How does our PPO-Only Package work?

Reference our 2018 Enhanced Choice desktopper for a list of package-specified plans.

Choose up to three PPO plans from our specified package:

  1. One PPO high option (choose plan EET or EEU).
  2. One PPO low option (choose plan EEV, DAI or EES).
  3. Any one of our Enhanced Choice HSA-compatible PPO plans.

Pair the plans with a specified Enhanced Choice pharmacy plan within the package.

And there’s more

Active&Fit Direct, a new fitness discount through American Specialty Health, is now available, providing members choice, affordability and convenience:

  • Members receive simultaneous access to all facilities within the national network.
  • Member-funded: $25/month fee, $25 initiation fee, online link accessible through the Health Net member portal.
Portfolio values continue
  • Defined contribution solution that offers employees the potential to choose from up to six plans.
  • Low-cost plans with SmartCare (now available in Placer County), ExcelCare, Salud, HMO, EOA, PPO, and PPO HSA products and networks.
  • The essentials to complement medical coverage: dental, vision, chiropractic, employee assistance program (EAP), and wellness.
  • Multiproduct bundling program: clients can receive up to 2% in combined savings. Groups with a minimum of 101 employees and less than 500 enrolled members pay less for medical premiums when they add dental, vision and/or life to their quote.
  • Expanded wellness incentive: offering a $50 gift card to members of our large group HMO, HMO ExcelCare, Salud, EOA, and EOA ExcelCare products and networks.
  • HSA/HRA Integrated with HealthEquity administration is available. HSA can be integrated with our HSA-compatible PPO plans, and the HRA can be integrated with our PPO plans.
Sales materials ready

Sales materials are available now:

  • Full suite of Enhanced Choice materials, including plan overviews
  • 2018 Health Net Large Group Portfolio book
Quote now for a Jan. 1, 2018, effective date

Contact your Health Net sales consultant today, and get your clients enrolled for the 2018 plan year.




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