Cultivate some happiness

Young woman standing with a bicycle

Ahhh, spring! It’s the perfect time for planting. But gardens aren’t the only thing to grow now. You can also sow the seeds of happiness—which is easier than you might suspect.

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Help Your Children Steer Clear of Underage Drinking

Ask someone without kids what kind of parent he or she would be and you’ll hear everything from “dependable” to “understanding” to “the kind my parent wasn’t!” When kids enter the picture, however, those parenting proclamations don’t always hold up. Because, really, just how understanding will you be when you discover your 14 year old drinking with her friends behind the stadium bleachers?

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Proofread Your Thank-You Letter (and all your other ones, too)

Geschäftsfrau liest erschrocken einen Brief am Schreibtisch“We can’t hire you.”

The punch in the stomach came three days after I had finished five rounds of interviews at Condé Nast Publications. The last thank-you letter I wrote was to the executive editor. I quickly got word that the reason I wouldn’t be hired was that I had mistakenly added an “e” to Bon Appétit, which had me spelling the name of the magazine wrong.

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