Health Net of Arizona Retains Title as #1 HMO in the State

Number One for the 11th straight year!

Ranking ArizonaHealth Net of Arizona is committed to making health care work. For the 11th year in a row, it has been named the No.1 HMO in the state by “Ranking Arizona,” the largest annual business opinion poll in Arizona.

“It is wonderful to know that voters believe Health Net is the “best of the best” in what we do,” said Rose Megian, president of Health Net of Arizona.

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Associate Volunteers: Community Service at Ronald McDonald House Charities

Eleven Oregon Health Net associates turn a Friday the 13th into a lucky experience for many

OR Community Service RHMC April 2015

On March 13, a team of Health Net of Oregon associates spent their Day of Community Service at the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) East House in Portland preparing a lunch for families, cleaning toys, and getting a room ready for an incoming family in need.

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Improve Health Literacy and Healthy Outcomes

Patient talking with doctorWith nearly half the U.S. adult population lacking health literacy skills needed to understand and act on health information, Health Net, is taking steps to support the goal of Health Literacy and promote the importance of providing consumers with health information that’s clear, simple and easy to understand.  “Studies have shown that there’s a link between low health literacy and poor health outcomes,” said Patricia Buss, M.D., medical and health care services operations officer for Health Net.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Electronic Commission Statements

With electronic commission statements, you can see your commissions any time, from any device. This is good for your business and good for the environment:

See your commission payment information within hours of when Health Net runs the monthly statements—instead of waiting a week or more to get a paper statement in the mail.

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Health Law Has Helped Insure 16.4 Million

A total of 16.4 million non-elderly adults have gained health insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act became law five years ago this month – a “historic” reduction in the number of uninsured, the Department of Health and Human Services said.

Those gaining insurance since 2010 include 2.3 million young adults aged 18 to 26 who were able to remain on their parents’ health insurance plus another 14.1 million adults who obtained coverage through expansions of the Medicaid program, new marketplace coverage and other sources, according to HHS’ report .

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Healthy Eating On the Menu

Mother and son organizing groceriesIn the spirit of National Nutrition Month, this article offers many tips to help employees eat healthier during the week. These tips are provided by MHN, Health Net, Inc.’s behavioral health subsidiary.

It’s 5:00 p.m. – Do you know what you’re having for dinner? If so, you’re probably less stressed, with the ingredients ready and waiting for a healthy meal you actually have time to prepare.

If not, you may be dreading coming home to an empty refrigerator, tempting you to give in to pleas for fast food or pizza.

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HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage discontinued as of December 31, 2014

All Western Region Brokers

The Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Labor (DOL) and Treasury issued final rules in February 2014, which eliminate the requirement for Health Plans to  issue certificates of creditable coverage to members who have lost coverage under a group health plan as of December 31, 2014 or later.

In response to the final rule, Health Net’s Membership Department will discontinue issuing HIPAA certificates of creditable coverage to members as of December 31, 2014.

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2015 California SBG Portfolio Blends Old with New

For Northern California Brokers

Health Net is firmly dedicated to the growth of your business, championing solutions that are as unique as the clients you serve. Our leadership in the marketplace is evident in the ongoing success of our innovative small business group (SBG) product offerings – allowing us to remain ahead of the curve in the constant flux of the health care marketplace.

Our Enhanced Choice product offering includes all plans – giving SBG employers the opportunity to mix and match a variety of options to offer their employees based on defined contribution levels.

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Are You Ready for Change?

Tips on Making a Change and Making It Last

Time for change?As the new year sets in, you may begin to re-evaluate your life, habits, hobbies and discover that there may be room for change.  Maybe you want to eat healthier or exercise more.  Or maybe a new hobby would be a good addition to your life.  But making changes can be difficult. To improve your chances of making a long-lasting change, try these tips.

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