Prostate cancer – to monitor or treat?

Doctor and male patientCancer is in the news every day. Here is some information about prostate cancer that your clients may find useful.

Every year, more than 160,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among American men.  Continue reading

Oregon/Washington: Eclipsed by health care changes? See Health Net’s 2018 vision

ThinkstockPhotos-122413037_jpgYou are invited to learn about Health Net’s strategy for the Oregon/Washington commercial group market.

Attending one of these meetings will provide insight into our 2018 commercial group portfolio offerings as well as other topics. A hot breakfast or lunch will be provided at these meetings. Continue reading

Managing a multigenerational workforce

Group of business people at the officeThe following information may be of use to your commercial clients:

There’s a lot of discussion now about the Millennial generation in the workplace, as members of this group form a growing percentage of the employee base. Smart businesses learn how to bring out the best in their people across all generational lines.

While generational differences can pose business challenges, they may provide opportunity as well. Diversity of thought leads to a more innovative work environment and new approaches and ideas. Consider these suggestions for recruiting and retaining talent in a workplace that can now span up to five generations. Continue reading

Diabetes education and screening outreach calls

Handsome man sitting at table talking on phone at home in the living room

To help promote awareness of the importance of diabetes-related screenings, on August 29 Health Net began reaching out to approximately 7,000 of our commercial members in Arizona, California and Oregon who are identified as diabetic.

Continue reading

Message from Chief Sales Officer Larry Tallman: New Leadership Role and New Sales Opportunities in 2017

Happy New Year! We’re gearing up for a tremendously successful 2017 – full of new sales opportunities to ensure your future remains bright, and your portfolios grow. Continue reading

For OR/WA Brokers: 2017 New Case Submission Rules for Groups of 1-50

This is a friendly reminder that Health Net is looking to you to ensure that the onboarding process for new groups is as seamless as possible.

To achieve this, Health Net must receive the completed, signed, and dated submission documents by the dates set. Below are documents that are required at the time of new case submission. Continue reading

Notice of Changes to Coverage Terms effective January 1, 2017

Determined businessman working at his deskOregon/Washington Small Business Group plan Basic Benefit Schedule and Group Medical and Hospital Service Agreement booklets, with the effective date of January 1, 2017 and later, will contain the updates as shown in the “Notice of Changes” link on

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OR & WA Small Group New Business Census Enrollment Forms Now Available

We’re thrilled to offer you the OR & WA Small Group Census Enrollment tools for New Business!

The census enrollment tool offers great advantages:

  • Eliminates excess paperwork – No longer have to submit paper employee enrollment forms!
  • Manual entry errors are eliminated – No more misreading of handwriting! Huge time saver!
  • Streamlines and speeds up new group enrollment – quicker underwriting and enrollment processes
  • ID Cards are generated faster

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Revised WA SBG Underwriting Guidelines effective January 1, 2017

Roundtable discussion: the role of brokers in health care reformBelow are the January 1, 2017 Washington SBG Underwriting Guidelines which are also posted to the Broker Portal and The Hub. Click on the link below to download/view. Continue reading