Small Group 2.0 for 2018 sales

Broker meeting 5Small Group 2.0 brings you more of what sells, with new designs and all-time favorites for December renewals and 2018 sales. Plus, we have limited-time offers that will further boost your business.   


Small Group 2.0 for December renewals and 2018 sales

Health Net’s Small Group 2.0 equips you with choices to satisfy your clients and power your business. Brought to you by Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net), Small Group 2.0 gives you even more of what sells with new designs and all-time favorites for 2018.


Small Group 2.0 has options for every client need and budget.

New for December 2017

  • NEW EnhancedCare PPO launches in L.A. County and is available off-exchange. Now small businesses can offer a PPO at a lower premium, while giving employees more point-of-care choices.
  • NEW Full Network PPO Silver high deductible health plan (HDHP) is available in all regions off-exchange.
  • NEW telehealth benefit: We’re adding virtual doctor visits via Teladoc at a $0 copayment for CommunityCare HMO and EnhancedCare PPO members.
  • Plus! All HMO networks can be written together for groups choosing an Enhanced Choice package.

Building on for 2018

Everything we’ve launched in December 2017 is available in 2018, plus:

  • The new EnhancedCare PPO plans expand to Covered CaliforniaTM for Small Business in 2018.
  • Full PPO Health Savings Account (HSA) plans are renamed high deductible health plans (HDHPs). These plans offer the same benefit design as in 2017.
  • Full Network PPO Silver high deductible health plan (HDHP) in all regions becomes available both on- and off-exchange.
  • NEW HMO Silver $40 plan is available with a choice of networks: Full Network HMO, WholeCare HMO, SmartCare HMO, or Salud HMO y Más. HMO Gold $50 was retired in favor of the HMO Silver $40 plan.
  • NEW CommunityCare HMO Bronze $45 plan is available in L.A. and Orange counties.
  • PureCare One EPO plans are closed, effective January 1, 2018. We continue to offer PureCare HSP plans in Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze metal levels.


Renewals and new sales made easy!

December 2017 renewal packages were mailed to brokers on August 24, 2017, and will be mailed to your groups on September 25, 2017. Please contact your account manager for an electronic copy.

Throughout 2018, Health Net will send renewal packages monthly.

  • Groups will have their choice to renew, choose another Small Group 2.0 plan or explore coverage via Covered California.
  • Please know that Health Net is required by law to tell your clients and their employees about coverage options through Covered California. We are strongly encouraging employees to talk to their employer and for employers to contact you before making any decisions.


Business-boosting opportunities for you

Small Group 2.0 for 2018 is the place to be for new sales! Check out the Broker Hub for our desktopper, portfolio guide, forms, and more.

Also check out everything we’re offering to make it easy to grow your business with Small Group 2.0 sales, including our bonus program, ID card express guarantee and relaxed underwriting guidelines. Your account manager has all the details!


Health Net HMO and HSP health plans are offered by Health Net of California, Inc. Health Net EPO, EnhancedCare PPO and PPO insurance plans are underwritten by Health Net Life Insurance Company. Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company are subsidiaries of Health Net, Inc. Health Net is a registered service mark of Health Net, Inc. Covered California is a registered trademark of the State of California. All rights reserved. 




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