Snoozing as a Winning Business Strategy

200067117-001You snooze, you lose.


The time has come to turn this well-worn expression on its head, particularly in the business world. Wave goodbye to the notion that hard-driving, sleep-deprived, Type A’s hold the keys to success. In fact, research has shown that inadequate sleep is costly from several perspectives, and it’s virtually a national epidemic. Continue reading

Work-Life Balance is Good Business

young Chinese father and sonCompany owners who are committed to helping their employees achieve work-life balance may be driven by altruism or they may just be shrewd. That’s because facilitating work-life balance is simply good business. In fact, studies have found these three key results: Continue reading

ACA 90-Day Waiting Period Rule on Use of Orientation Periods

ACA 90-Day Orientation PeriodOn June 25, 2014, the government issued final rules regarding the use of “bona fide employment-based orientation periods” in connection with the Affordable Care Act’s 90 day waiting period limits.

These final rules largely track the proposed rules issued in February 2014.


Continue reading

Sales Strategies for a Successful 2015

co-workers in confrenceIf you haven’t yet mapped out your 2015 sales strategies – the year is still young – so it’s certainly not too late.


10 Trends to Consider

Before inking your sales strategies, however, take a few minutes to review the following trends. They should inform your sales strategies and – hopefully – pave the way to a successful 2015. Continue reading

Tap into these Small-Business Trends for 2015

3 workers talkingAccording to two recently released surveys, many of America’s small-business owners are feeling optimistic about 2015. For example, an Endurance International Group survey found that 66 percent of those who helm small businesses have a positive economic outlook for this year. Continue reading

Make 2015 the Year You Break Bad Email Habits

SAF 1767There’s no question that the advent of email has infused office communication with efficiency and has now reached the point where it’s our most used workplace tool.

Along the way, however, many employees have developed the email equivalent of bad table manners. If you fall into this category, commit to making 2015 the year that you turn over a new email leaf. Continue reading

A New Year and a New Workplace Attitude

Asian students looking at laptop screenIf you’re someone who is perpetually in a positive mood from 9 to 5, and who also considers your job so enjoyable that you can’t even classify it as “work,” there’s no need to read further. However, if you’re a more standard-issue human, then chances are good that your workday moods aren’t always award-winning. Continue reading