Probationary Period Update – CA SB1034

California’s Limit on Waiting Periods (Probationary Periods) – CA SB1034 Signed into Law

As you may know, Governor Brown signed CA SB1034 into law on Friday, August 15, 2014. CA SB1034 repeals California’s stricter 60-day limit on waiting periods (in accordance with AB1083) and allows employers to follow the federal ACA’s 90-day waiting period limitation. CA SB1034 also prohibits insurers and health plans from imposing waiting periods, although the insurer or health plan may administer waiting period on behalf of the employer (as long as the employer’s waiting period does not exceed the ACA’s 90-day limit).

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Vacation Healthy Travel Checklist

Sharing their lives with each otherIt’s the last official holiday weekend of the summer.  From packing prescriptions to knowing where to access care away from home, it’s essential to take steps that will help ensure you have a vacation that maximizes both good times and good health.


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Give Kids a Healthy Start to the School Year

Dr w child and mom copyKids across the country are heading back to school, which is an ideal time for parents to make sure that their children are up to date on their vaccines. With that goal in mind, August is National Immunization Awareness Month – an annual educational initiative designed to increase awareness regarding the crucial role that immunizations play in disease prevention ― from infancy through the senior years. Continue reading

Strategies to Defeat Morning Madness

Fast asleep togetherFor many of us, mornings – particularly weekday mornings – are a stressful blur of snooze alarms, semi-conscious showers, and mad dashes out the door accompanied by a sinking feeling of already being hopelessly behind.

If you’ve had your fill of morning madness, sample the suggestions below. While there are no magic morning bullets, even small tweaks can reframe the way you start your day.

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Boost Employee Morale without Breaking the Bank

business clapsThe employee morale bone is connected to the productivity bone. So – as a business owner – it’s in your best interests to make your workplace synonymous with smiles. But how do you up the happiness quotient without breaking the bank? Continue reading

Reform Guide: Limits on Waiting Periods

waiting-period-iStock_000003717430Small-300x211The waiting – or probationary – period is the period of time set by an employer before coverage becomes effective for a new employee enrolling into the group’s health benefit coverage. Group health plans and health insurance carriers that offer group coverage may not apply a waiting period that exceeds 90 days. California law sets the limit at 60 calendar days (AB1083).

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