Boost Employee Morale without Breaking the Bank

business clapsThe employee morale bone is connected to the productivity bone. So – as a business owner – it’s in your best interests to make your workplace synonymous with smiles. But how do you up the happiness quotient without breaking the bank? Continue reading

Reform Guide: Limits on Waiting Periods

waiting-period-iStock_000003717430Small-300x211The waiting – or probationary – period is the period of time set by an employer before coverage becomes effective for a new employee enrolling into the group’s health benefit coverage. Group health plans and health insurance carriers that offer group coverage may not apply a waiting period that exceeds 90 days. California law sets the limit at 60 calendar days (AB1083).

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Why a Respectful Workplace is a Profitable Workplace

interested biz conferenceIf you asked the average business owner to list the top 10 components that contribute to a company’s profitability, chances are good that the words “mutual respect” wouldn’t make the cut. But they should, because a business that places a priority on mutual respect is likely to see bottom-line benefits in the form of increased employee loyalty, productivity, and a fundamental desire to help the organization succeed. Continue reading

Enjoy the fireworks—and stay safe

This is a fireworks safety post we published for you last year. The information remains the same, and we think it’s worth repeating. Above all, have a safe and happy July 4th holiday!


Every year, injuries from fireworks—often burns to the hands and face—send thousands of Americans to hospital emergency departments. And while Independence Day is the most popular time for fireworks, people set them off at other times too, making fireworks a year-round safety concern. Continue reading

Value Conflicts at Work

A message from Bruce Anderson, Chief Ethics Officer

While we expect that all of our co-workers will demonstrate the same, stated values, there are times when conflicts arise. An example might be, if you find yourself in a situation where you are expected to “just hit the numbers” instead of following the policy and procedure. When you find yourself in such a situation, here are three ideas on how to approach what to do next. Continue reading

Eat Well & Be Well on Vacation

young couple with cameraTaking it easy is one of the best parts about a vacation. But while the rest and scenery may do you some good, the same can’t always be said of the food—especially when you’re driving to your destination. Think empty-calorie, gas station munchies.

And that could spell trouble when you’re watching your waistline or trying to eat a healthy diet. Share these tips with your employees and encourage healthy travels. Continue reading

Health Net Urges Your Employees to Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer

cancer-screening-iStock_23183616Small-300x204With June being Men’s Health Month, Health Net, Inc. is working to educate men regarding the importance of being screened for colorectal cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that colorectal cancer is the third-most common cancer among men.


Regular colorectal cancer screenings are critical. Please encourage your male employees to get their screening, and share this information with them. Continue reading