5 Questions to Ask Your Broker – How to Choose the Right Plan

broker_meeting_SAF-34902_for_Facebook_TabChoosing a health plan for your business can be a daunting process. But it doesn’t have to be! While choices can seem overwhelming, a good broker (your Health Net broker!) and a little bit of preparation before you select a plan can make the process go smoothly.


Which plan – HMO, PPO, or POS? And should I include a health savings or flexible spending account?
This is the tough question for most employers, especially if they can only afford one plan.  A health savings account is an option that many employees like to have, especially with many high-deductible plans. Health Net offers a range of plans, from full networks to tailored networks to fit your business’ needs. Talk to your Health Net broker and get help choosing the right plan.


Does your company have ways to help our company save money?
A good health insurance company will certainly want to address this in today’s climate. In addition to our variety of plan choices, Health Net helps reduce high-cost service utilization and supports employee productivity with Decision Power®, a service that connects our members with information, resources and support to fit their health and life, all at no extra cost. This ends up being a money-saving benefit by reduced employee absenteeism and happier, healthier, more productive employees.


Will my company qualify for tax credits under your health benefits?
For businesses with fewer with 25 employees and an average annual compensation of less than $50,000, a tax credit may be available. A good health insurance broker will help you determine if your business qualifies.


Does the plan I want include administration?
This can be an important aspect of choosing a health plan for your company. You don’t want one that involves a lot of extra work on your part. Health Net’s team of dedicated account advisors and online plan management make benefit administration simple, so you can focus on your business. Health Net also offers plans administration through Empact PEO (a Professional Employer Organization) to employer groups with 10+ eligible employees. This is a cost-efficient alternative to having a large staff and the associated overhead costs to handle essential HR functions.


What kind of service can I expect from your company, and will it be easy to contact someone if I have questions?
This point can be the most telling about a company, and one that you may not really find the answer to until you start using the company’s service. But an experienced broker will have valid feedback from other clients on the company that you are interested in getting a plan from.  At Health Net, our employers are served by a team of client managers, account executives, group service representatives and sales administration who work together to ensure a smooth, positive experience.


Bottom line: the more questions you have for your broker, the more you’ll learn and better prepared you’ll be to make a solid choice for your employees’ health plan.

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Susan Peters