Money On the Go, Part 1: Best Money Management Apps

business woman on phoneAre you tired of navigating automated phone systems and reconciling multiple ledgers just to see your current bank account balance? If so, then it’s time to go mobile where you can get up-to-date information in one place with a simple tap of the screen.


Online banking has been around for a while so it is no surprise that industry leaders such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo have taken things a step further and developed mobile banking apps for their customers. With features such as real-time balance information, checkbook management and bill reminder notices, staying on top of your finances has never been easier.


If your bank doesn’t offer an app, there are so many independently developed money management apps out there that will save you time and headaches. Below are three of the most popular money management apps available today, including features such as the ability to manage all of your accounts through a single interface or the convenience of making a deposit by simply uploading a picture of the check.



Mint is a pioneer in online financial management and their mobile app is everything you’d expect from an industry leader. With a quick and painless setup and easy-to-use interface, Mint’s top-rated mobile app enables you to manage all of your accounts, including investments, and see up-to-date balances in real time. It also features helpful visuals such as monthly budget and cash flow charts.

Available for iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™ devices

Cost: Free



With over seven million users, Pageonce was named the “Cadillac of money management apps” by CNN Money. Delivering the convenience of complete financial management, Pageonce lets you connect, pay and track all of your accounts including credit cards, utilities and even rewards. And, for added peace of mind, Pageonce allows you to set up bill pay reminders and even sends you alerts of unusual account activity.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7 Phone and Blackberry®

Cost: Free



The top grossing financial app in Google Play, EasyMoney is a robust app featuring capabilities such as expense tracking, budget planning, checkbook management and account transfers. Highly customizable, EasyMoney enables you to segment your budget into multiple categories, import/export your data to .CSV files, and even track income/expenses in multiple currencies.

Available for Android

Cost: $9.95


Could On-the-Go Convenience Mark the End for Your Favorite Wallet?

Whether it be a mobile banking app from Bank of America or Wells Fargo, or a third-party app such as Mint, staying connected to your money has never been easier. From tracking cash flow in real time, to receiving automated bill reminder notices, the adoption of mobile money management apps is on the rise and may eventually cause that unruly, overflowing brick in your purse or back pocket to go the way of the payphone.


Be sure to check out part two of this series on January 18th, “Money On the Go 2: The Tap-to-Pay Revolution” to find out how to buy your next cup of coffee with a tap of your phone.





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