Identity Theft: Stolen Identity, Lost Productivity

couple looking at billsWhile the movie “Identity Thief” paints identity theft in a funny light, it’s no laughing matter for employees and employers. With 290,056 complaints, identity theft topped the Federal Trade Commission’s national ranking of consumer complaints in 2013.

Identity theft drains victims, both financially and emotionally.

After someone’s identity is stolen, the criminal may open new accounts, rack up credit card charges and even get medical treatment.

Victims of identity theft may spend hours at work trying to fix the situation or be unable to focus on work due to stress and worry, resulting in lost productivity. Or they may need to take time off from work to clear their credit and their name. They may also struggle with a myriad of other emotions, such as helplessness, anger, embarrassment, and frustration.

Reuters: Identity theft again leads U.S. top fraud complaints: FTC


Peace of mind with MHN’s Identity Theft Recovery Services

As part of its Employee Assistance Program (EAP), MHN offers Identity Theft Recovery Services to help victims of identity theft navigate the process, prevent further damage and recover their credit. Identity Theft Services includes a 30-minute consultation with a certified consumer credit counselor who will assess the caller’s situation, create an action plan, and provide the knowledge and tools to implement the plan most effectively. If there is a potential of ID theft, MHN will warm transfer the caller to an identity recovery specialist who can advise victims on how to place fraud alerts, freeze credit, file police reports, and more. (ID theft victims also receive an identity theft recovery information packet.)

To learn more about MHN’s Identity Theft Recovery Services and EAP services, please visit MHN’s website at, call 1-800-327-7526 or email




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