The Latest Video for Members: Who Does What in Health Care?

New for your Health Net Member Employees!

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Health Care: Who Does What?  
Do you know what the health care marketplace is, and how all the companies such as Health Net play a part?

The last video in our new series will help you understand the marketplace and how it works.

Watch: “Who Does What in Health Care?”


This 5-video series was made to help you understand what you need to know when shopping for health insurance and getting the most out of your health coverage.


The last video in the series, “Who Does What in Health Care?” explains:

  • What the health insurance marketplace is
  • Who are the California companies in the marketplace
  • How you can buy a plan


We hope you’ve enjoyed these videos, and continue to use them when you need a quick reminder on how health plans work and how to go about choosing one.


See the videos on YouTube in English or Spanish.


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