It’s Men’s Health Month, so Three Cheers for Dad!

Father And Son Hiking In Countryside Wearing Backpacks

There’s no doubt a father wears many hats to help his children succeed in the world. Provider, teacher, disciplinarian, listener, spiritual leader, friend – these are all attributes any good father possesses. Which is why, on Father’s Day, it’s important to say “thank you” to the dad who helped shape the person you are today, and/or to the dad who is doing a great job helping raise your children.


And while you can buy the dad in your life a father’s day gift, there really is no replacement for simply spending time with him. At Health Net, we’ve rounded up some good mental and physical ways to enjoy Father’s Day – whether you’re seven, 17 or 70 – with a deserving dad.


Reach the peak: Visit a favorite forest preserve or state park in your area, or discover a new hiking trail. Download the AllTrails app to find appropriate trails for the ages in your group. It’s available for Android and iOS, and lets you know elevation, distant stats, and all kinds of accurate trail info. Just make sure you plan the hike for your dad’s level – you don’t want him exerting himself too much on his special day!


Spin your wheels: Younger kids might appreciate biking more than hiking. The whole family can enjoy a bike ride when using the Map My Ride app. It’s free for download and available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. What’s great about this bike-riding app is you can choose from more than 120 million different paths all over the globe, or you can create your own. Then share your route with friends, keep track of your progress and write an inspirational motivation statement for the whole group!


Get your sport on: Even more than watching sports on TV, dads love to get in on the action with their own kids. Play beach Frisbee, Foot Golf (yes, it’s an official game in the US), a little hoop or engage each other in a tennis match. All these things provide opportunities for bonding, and give the family a little workout time together.


Watch a TED Talk together: Enjoy some educational and insightful TV time with your dad. There a hundreds of TED Talks from which to choose. Head to over to the site and choose a topic by a beloved speaker. These three are particularly good for Father’s Day: A father-daughter bond, The council of dads and Healthier men, one mustache at a time.


Whatever activity you choose to do with Dad, make it heartfelt. He’s given you (or your children) so much of his time, talent and love throughout the years. This is a great day to tell – and show – him just how much he’s appreciated and loved. Enjoy!




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Lisa Finn