CA Businesses: Making the Move to Small Group Coverage

broker meetingFor California Businesses with 51-100 Employees


Employers who opted for an early renewal in 2015 will move to small group coverage upon renewal in 2016. That’s because California now defines small businesses as those with 1 to 100 employees.


Just because you’re moving to small group coverage doesn’t mean you have to settle for a small solution! Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net) have the answer.


Meeting the needs of companies your size was a big design component of our Small Group 2.0 portfolio. You’ll find a lot of options as you transition to small group coverage and, if you have a grandfathered plan, to coverage compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


In fact, Health Net has you covered with:


  • HMO plan designs that can be paired with any of the HMO networks we offer in your location. The plan design stays the same. Simple.
  • PPO plans in every metal level. Small group plans are organized in four levels of coverage: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.
  • Tailored network HSP and EPO plans.
  • Enhanced Choice – package pairings that make it easy to offer multiple plans to your employees.


Health Net has all the answers to make your move a smooth one. Talk to your broker or call your Health Net account manager for a personal consultation.




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Susan Peters