Aug. 17 Webinar: Survive the Cold & Flu Season

woman with coldIs it a cold or the flu? Taking charge of your health is especially important this time of the year. The cold & flu season is approaching, and it is essential to learn about cold & flu prevention techniques and treatments. Understanding the difference between the cold & flu symptoms helps treatment work quicker at ending your symptoms.


Health Net is offering a telephone/webinar based class to help educate individuals on the cold & flu.


This webinar is offered to all Health Net members as well as non-Health Net insured individuals. Feel free to share this information with your friends and co-workers!


Do you want to learn what Health Net has to offer you?


Survive the Cold & Flu Season webinar will be held on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm PST. In this class you will identify the differences between the cold & flu, how the cold & flu spreads, cold & flu prevention tips, flu vaccines, cold & flu symptom relief, and cold & flu treatments.


Register today!

You can register for August’s Survive the Cold & Flu Season by clicking on this link and entering Meeting Number 621 500 938.




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