Enhanced Secure Messaging: What You Need to Know

jeune-femme-poste-de-travailHealth Net is committed to ensuring the protection and security of our email correspondence. Our Secure Messaging Center enables Health Net to exchange sensitive information with employer groups like you, easily and securely.

What’s Changing?
We’ve enhanced Secure Messaging by introducing a new one-time password requirement for users with a registered account. This additional authentication strengthens protection because it offers an additional step for validating your identity.

Note: Unregistered HealthNet.com users accessing Secure Messaging will not be affected and will not be required to authenticate with a one-time password.


How it works

Secure Messaging users will be prompted to set up their one-time password credentials in a few easy steps when logging in.


This set-up is only required once, as long as the user maintains their same username and/or email address. If either of those change, the set-up for one-time password will be required again.


Once users have established their standard logon credentials, users will receive their one-time password automatically via their designated email address. They can paste it into the one-time password authentication page, or they can click on the embedded link in the email, which will navigate them to the one-time password authentication page.


Users will be able to log in to Secure Messaging after entering both their username/password AND a one-time password for their initial access to Secure Messaging. After that, everything remains the same about the Secure Messaging process.


Employer Groups who have any questions, please contact the Account Services Unit at the following numbers based on your region.


Arizona – 800-881-7808

California – 800-547-2967, option 0

Oregon/Washington – 888-802-7001, option 4, option 1, option 4




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