CA Businesses: Make Your Move With Health Net

California Businesses with 51–100 Employees


It’s time for many California businesses with 51–100 employees to make the move to small business group coverage. Those making the move are groups that opted for early renewal in 2015 to stay with their 51–100 group plan.


Just like moving houses, there’s much to consider and do. Small Group 2.0 – brought to you by Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net) – makes the move easy for you!


Already have Health Net? Here’s what you can expect as you make your move:


Big solutions:  Choice of Small Group 2.0 plans and combinations – all designed to meet the needs of all-size small groups.


Group numbers:  New group numbers will be assigned as you make your move. Your new number will be on your billing statement (mailed or online). Health Net will move any applicable member-level credits under previous group numbers to the new ones.


ID cards:  Employees will get new Health Net ID cards.


Applications: New enrollment applications are NOT required. Members will be auto transferred (plan base not employee base). The only employees subject to completing an enrollment/change form are those making a change (Examples: adding/removing dependents, enrolling for the first time or changing plans).


Accumulated deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums:  Health Net will carry over all amounts paid during the calendar year and    within the same plan type (e.g., PPO to PPO). Amounts will not carry over if you move from PPO to HMO or other such changes, or if against your company policy.



Interested in moving to Health Net? Our Small Group 2.0 portfolio is right-sized for your business. Because to us, you’re big! Talk to your broker or give us a call at 1-800-909-3447.


Bonus! Download our Reform Refresher PDF for a snapshot of key reform requirements and to see what changes as you move to small group coverage.









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