Holiday Money Worries Can Impact Workplace Productivity

holiday-debt-mhnFor many of us, the holiday season brings added financial pressures and demands, which may in turn affect work performance. When employees are stressed financially, both their health and productivity can suffer.


Current research is highlighting the importance of managing financial worry.A recent study from benefits firm Willis Towers Watson sheds new light on the prevalence of financial stress in the workplace:

  • Workers who reported that money worries kept them from doing their jobs lost nearly two weeks of productivity due to “presenteeism” – when employees report for work but can’t focus or perform due to stress – in 2015. 1
  • As many as 59 percent of employees feel disengaged at work due to financial stress.2
  • 76 percent of employees believe that they’re facing a less comfortable retirement than their parents’ generation.3


Another study found that one in five workers feel extremely stressed, mostly because of their job or finances. Those reporting high levels of stress were more than four times as likely to suffer from symptoms of fatigue, headaches, depression, or other ailments. They were also twice as likely to report poor health overall, leading to more sick days, increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. 4



How employers can help

Employers can help ease some of that stress by giving employees assistance in managing their personal finances, including education and/or counseling around financial literacy, benefits, financial planning, and retirement security. Since stress can also lead to a host of physical ailments, it makes sense to include financial well-being in your organization’s wellness program.


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