5 Ways to Keep the Holiday Weight Off

coworkers eating at tableYou’ve just made it through Thanksgiving weekend, now we’re heading into December. The office can be one big trap — when it comes to holiday sweets. Enjoying treats with co-workers is one way to bring joy into the office. But if you’re watching your weight, just how do you spread holiday cheer without partaking in the spread of office sweets? 


It’s not easy. With all the cakes and candies sitting pretty on the break room table and rich chocolates dotting the desks of co-workers, it can be difficult to keep to a healthy diet. Those temptations can be strong, and are likely to leave you with Grinch-like feelings the whole day through.


So what’s a person who’s counting calories to do? The following tips will help you curb your cravings and drive you toward a healthier holiday season.


1. Steer yourself away from clear canisters! According to one study by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, people are inclined to eat twice as many sweets if presented in a clear canister. The study also says that proximity plays a role in how many times you’ll grab a treat. The best ways to keep those calories in check is to keep sweets out of sight and make them inconvenient to get to.


2. Drink up. Purchase a new water bottle for your desk and fill it up several times throughout the day. Add some fresh, citrus fruit to the bottom for more flavorful sips. Staying hydrated can make you feel less hungry and more satisfied.


3. Curb cravings by doing a short exercise. When co-workers take a candy break right by your desk, that’s your cue to get up, stretch your arms and legs or take a quick walk outside. Remove yourself from the situation and you’ll instantly feel more in control.


4. Get strength in numbers. Sitting next to a healthy eater can help you curb your own cravings. If an office mate is also trying to eat healthy, take comfort in knowing you both are in this together. When cravings get strong, rely on each other for quick support.


5. Pack your own healthy snacks. It’s a good idea to plan the night before with a few healthy snacks perfect for munching on at your desk. Things like celery and peanut butter, cut fruit, coconut water or a handful of nuts are sure to help quell your sweet tooth.


While it’s important to stick to a healthy diet during the holidays, it’s perhaps more important to just be healthy — mentally and physically. Don’t stress yourself out too much. After all, the true meaning of the holidays is to share in the traditions and festivities you love with the  people and things closest to your heart. If that’s a mid-afternoon piece of chocolate, then so be it!





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Lisa Finn