Medication Mistakes to Avoid

The medicines that doctors prescribe are meant to improve our health. But we could be making risky mistakes without even realizing it.

It’s a good time to make sure your employees are doing the right things to make their medications work. A keen awareness to what’s going in the body – and when – could mean the difference between life and death.

Consider sharing the four potential pitfalls with your employees when it comes to their medication:

  1. Failing to speak up. Did the doctor say to take medicine before or after meals? A wrong choice could make a drug less effective or cause serious problems.Always ask the doctor or pharmacist questions if something is not clear about medication. It’s a good idea to make notes or request that he or she write information down.
  2. Using multiple pharmacies. Getting all of prescriptions filled at just one pharmacy helps protect people’s health. There’s a big benefit for medication records being in a single place. This can help the pharmacist spot any possible dangerous interactions between medications.
  3. Overlooking instructions. When a medicine isn’t taken exactly as directed, it may do more harm than good. Always read the information that comes with a medicine, and follow doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice for taking it.People who have a hard time remembering to take their medicine should keep a written or computerized schedule. And, it’s also a good idea to link taking the medications with daily activities, such as eating a meal or going to bed.
  4. Going off course. It’s important to stick with a medication unless the doctor says it’s OK to stop. Don’t stop taking a drug just because:
    • You feel better and think you don’t need it anymore. Let the doctor make that decision.
    • You’re having bothersome side effects. Call your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe a different drug with fewer side effects.

The key is communication when it comes to taking any medication. Read all labels carefully and ask questions when things are unclear. Your good health depends on it.


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