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March is National Sleep Awareness Month. In the U.S., more than a third of us are regularly sleep deprived, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is where myStrength plays a role. myStrength is a no-cost online tool Health Net provides members to help them feel better and stay mentally strong (which requires adequate sleep). And for those with mental health conditions, addressing sleep issues has the potential to reduce symptoms and improve mental health outcomes, as well as improve overall health.

myStrength’s Improve Sleep program
Part of myStrength is its Improve Sleep program. At the center of this program is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), which includes a series of sleep assessments, activities and behavioral changes that challenge and shape the way individuals approach sleep.

Founded on almost 30 years of research, CBT-I is recommended as the first line of defense against insomnia by the American College of Physicians. CBT-I has proven to be effective for up to 80 percent of treated patients, with results showing a 67-percent reduction in time spent lying awake at night.

Features of the Improve Sleep program

  • Videos, audio exercises, articles, and interactive modules on the fundamental concepts of CBT-I.
  • Easy-to-use sleep diary for tracking nightly progress.
  • Sleep plan with a customized sleep schedule, items to work on and video tips to stay on track.

Sign up today
If you are struggling with sleep for any reason, register on myStrength to address your sleep struggles.

  1. Complete the myStrength sign-up process with a brief wellness assessment and personal profile.
  2. Go Mobile! After setting up an online account, download the myStrength app for iOS and Android devices and register using the same email and password used online.

Here’s to better sleep!

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