Fresh Focus Challenge – mindfulness matters

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We all experience tough days. At times, there is too much to do, too little time and too many conflicts that need hard-to-find solutions. So, how does one maintain a sense of calm?

Mindfulness techniques
Taking a quick break to practice mindfulness techniques can bring your mind back to a focused state, allowing you to be aware, move through any situation with a calm presence and create personal resilience.

The Fresh Focus Challenge – invest time in yourself
The challenge begins May 1 and runs through May 31, 2018. It will guide you and provide point incentives to be more mindful.

Your goal is to practice the following three techniques:

  • Mindful Breathing: Try the counting breath technique – sit tall and still, close your eyes, and allow your mind to focus on your breath, each inhale and each exhale.
  • Mindful Mantra: Find a saying, something simple and short, that you can repeat over in your mind.
  • Mindful Walking Meditation: Try physical movement to help you calm down. Find space and connect each step to your breath. Inhale, step with the left foot. Exhale, step with the right foot.

It’s easy to participate in the Fresh Focus Challenge

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Wellness Center.
  3. Click on Explore All Wellness Tools.
  4. After reading the disclaimer, click Continue.
  5. Click on Rewards.
  6. Click on Credits.
  7. Scroll down to “Join a challenge” and click Get Started.

We encourage you to try the challenge and see how mindfulness can help to bring calm and focus to even your toughest of days!




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