Leave smoking to the grill

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As summer approaches, it’s time to fire up the bar-b-que and slather on the sunscreen. It’s also time to discover the benefits that come with quitting tobacco and enjoying life tobacco free. The Quit For Life® program can help you overcome your nicotine addiction for any type of tobacco use.

Support to quit
If you’re serious about defeating your need for nicotine, the Quit For Life® program is here to help you every step of the way. You’ll start with a one-on-one phone conversation with a highly trained Quit Coach® staff member. Together, you’ll map out a personalized plan to help you overcome the triggers and barriers that make it hard to quit. Your coach will also give you tried-and-true strategies to manage cravings, handle social situations and avoid triggers that can steer you off track.

As you progress in the program, expert Quit Coaches will support you over the phone and online whenever you need it. Every one-on-one coaching session is designed to give you the know-how and positive encouragement you need to quit for good.

Tools of the trade
Along with phone coaching, you’ll have access to other tools designed to help you stay tobacco free 24/7, including:

  • A copy of the step-by-step Quit Guide to help you throughout your quit process.
  • Advice about nicotine substitutes and medication that may be right for you.
  • Text2QuitSM – A service that sends you personalized text message reminders, tips and encouragement tailored to your quit strategy (not available for Medicare members).
  • A dedicated Web platform with eLearning modules, a community chat room and access to a quit coach via email.

Enroll today!
To enroll, call 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE (1-866-784-8454), or visit www.quitnow.net and enroll online.

Note: The Quit For Life program is included in Health Net plans for commercial, Medicare, Cal MediConnect plans, and plans purchased through the Affordable Care Act exchange. Eligible members must be at least 18 years old.




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