Your privacy is enhanced with the launch of Health Net’s latest secure email platform

keyboard-question-mark-iStock_16857477XSmallWhen it comes to privacy, more security is better. On August 6, Health Net’s Secure Messaging email encryption platform was upgraded and replaced by Centene Secure Email. This is part of Health Net’s ongoing commitment to safeguard the electronic health communications of your company and its employees.

For most employers, this upgrade is seamless and you will not notice anything has changed. The new tool, developed by our parent company Centene, protects your privacy and allows you to transfer sensitive and confidential health information, including:

  • Protected health information (PHI).
  • Personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Account maintenance information.
  • Benefit information (e.g., claims and premiums).
  • Medical management such as treatment assessment.
What you need to do

Centene Secure Email provides a seamless transition so you and your employees will be able to send secure emails the same way as before. First, you should contact the Health Net representative you conduct email business with to test-send a new, encrypted email. Then the first time you access the system it will automatically check to confirm that your email provider’s encryption methods meet security standards. If not, a message is sent with instructions to complete a brief, one-time registration before you’re able to send and receive secure emails.

If you or any of your employees haven’t received or sent a secure email before, registration with Centene Secure Email is easy and only necessary for first-time recipients of an encrypted message. The secure message will include an invitation and link to register for Centene Secure Email. Simply click the link, enter your email address and follow the brief instructions.

Additional information

All Secure Messaging links on our public Health Net websites will be updated to access the Centene Secure Email Messaging User Guide to provide further information if needed, and whom to contact for assistance.

We’re here to help

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact your broker or Health Net representative.




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