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Moving from summer through fall and into winter, it’s important to keep your mental and physical health in top form. This is all the more important as the weather changes and the cold and flu season takes hold.

Exercise is a key to good health. This is true indeed during the winter as the days are shorter and it’s harder to keep active. That’s the time to make an exercise plan for cold and rainy days when it’s tempting to just curl up under the covers.

Mentally, the winter months can be a very stressful time due to the many holidays. Family events, parties and holiday shopping can take their toll on your nerves. It can also be a very lonely time. Life events that occurred during the year can be magnified during the holiday season.

To help you prepare for the twists and turns of winter, Health Net has designed a new telephone/webinar called, Weathering the Winter. The webinar will provide tips to help you stay healthy even when the weather isn’t so nice outside. It will explore:

  • How to build a winter exercise routine.
  • How to beat the holiday blues.
  • Healthy eating strategies.
  • Ways to prevent, detect and treat colds and flu.

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The Weathering the Winter webinar takes place on Wednesday, October 16, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. Pacific time.

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Our monthly webinars are offered to all Health Net members. They are also open to the public. Feel free to share this information with your friends and co-workers!


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