New Chronic Pain Module Coming to myStrength Beginning February 1, 2017

Despite living in a culture where we seek better nutrition, an active lifestyle and a renewed sense of well-being, nearly 100 million of us suffer from chronic pain every year.1 In fact, chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. For those who suffer with chronic pain, the condition results in: Continue reading

A Good Night’s Sleep Can Save Your Health & Wallet

Fast asleep togetherDid you know that getting more sleep could improve your health and help you save money? We all know that getting enough sleep is important for good health and productivity.

But do you realize just how important it is? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list lack of sleep along with smoking, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition as risk factors that cause major chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

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Preventive Care That’s Easy on the Wallet

SAF 0329_CMYKWe all want to do what we can to maintain good health. Of course, we have budgets to balance too. So it’s good to know that many important stay-well services—like recommended immunizations, tests and checkups—are covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at no extra cost to you.

That means you typically don’t have to meet any co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles when you get these services from an in-network provider. Continue reading

Can You Hear Your Coworkers? 4 Facts About Earwax

SAFD_0285_cropped_cmykYou probably think of it as gross gunk. But earwax—what doctors call cerumen—actually deserves your respect.

That’s because it protects your ears. It helps keep dust and bacteria and other germs from entering and damaging them. It also keeps the delicate skin in your ear canal from getting irritated if water gets into it—say, while you shower or swim. Continue reading

Are You Allergic to Your Workplace?

Woman sneezingSpring is in the air, which means it’s peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers, of which there are many. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America – which has designated May as National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month – asthma affects more than 25-million Americans, and over 50-million Americans contend with a variety of allergies. Continue reading

Snacking at Work: Stay on the Healthy Side

apples_pearsIf you spend most of your day in a typical office, you’re used to snacks being there to tempt you. And at this time of year, there’s usually even more unhealthy temptation from leftover Halloween candy, and heading into the holidays and all the delicious food that comes with it. There seem to be sugary, fatty foods everywhere. Here are some tips to help you stay the course and maintain a healthy weight. Continue reading