Holiday Money Worries Can Impact Workplace Productivity

holiday-debt-mhnFor many of us, the holiday season brings added financial pressures and demands, which may in turn affect work performance. When employees are stressed financially, both their health and productivity can suffer.


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Nov. 9 Webinar: Boost Your Financial Health

Good health means more than eating right, being active and seeing your doctor once a year. Taking charge of your finances can be just as important a part of your overall wellness, and can even affect your lifestyle.


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Avoiding Holiday Debt

holiday-debt-mhnHow many years have you spent the post-holiday season wishing you hadn’t spent so much on gifts? It was fun while it lasted, but it’s a struggle for many of us to pay off the debt we built up over just a few weeks. Shoppers can avoid holiday debt with the tips below from MHN, Health Net, Inc.’s behavioral health subsidiary. Feel free to share these tips with your employees.

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Boost Your Financial Health – Webinar!

Accomplish manTaking charge of your finances and boosting your financial health is an important part of overall wellness and well-being. Your finances can affect your lifestyle and can also intertwine with your sense of well-being. So start by making important decisions about your finances and investments today. Continue reading

Identity Theft: Stolen Identity, Lost Productivity

couple looking at billsWhile the movie “Identity Thief” paints identity theft in a funny light, it’s no laughing matter for employees and employers. With 290,056 complaints, identity theft topped the Federal Trade Commission’s national ranking of consumer complaints in 2013.

Identity theft drains victims, both financially and emotionally.

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Feeling the Pinch?

feeling-the-pinch-iStock_000014023045Small-300x232Are your employees under financial stress? According to a 2013 study on employee financial stress, 83 percent of employees reported feeling the stress of financial burdens. Financial stress doesn’t just affect employees. It also impacts employers. A 2010 Federal Reserve study revealed that employee financial stress costs employers an average of $5,000 per year per employee in lost productivity.

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Take Your Business to the Next Tech Level

While the proverbial playing field between small businesses and big-box retailers may never be completely level, there are a host of new technology tools that at least help make significant strides in that direction. Here are some tips to make sure your business is in line and getting the most from technology. Continue reading