A Week’s Worth of Healthy Work Lunches

March is National Nutrition Month – an annual education and information campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign’s purpose is to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating habits. Check out these tips plus recipes for easy, healthy lunches to take to work. Continue reading

Cold Days + Hot Soup = Mmm Mmm Healthy!

When a cold or the flu strikes, conventional wisdom has long given a treatment nod to chicken soup. As it turns out, the healing powers of chicken soup actually are steeped in science. And when it’s just plain cold outside, hot soup not only warms you, but it also serves up health benefits. Here are some facts on soup and a tasty recipe. Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Two Comforting Soups

With its variety of seasonal vegetables and chilly evenings spent indoors, wintertime offers the perfect opportunity to warm up with dinners of rich and hearty soups. These winter soup recipes will have you feeling cozy and satisfied in no time as they leave everyone at the table asking for a second helping. Continue reading

Celebrate Hispanic Culture with Healthy Latin Cuisine

breakfast plateHispanic cuisine is known around the world for its zesty flavors, savory aromas and combinations of color and texture. While many traditional Latin recipes have garnered a poor reputation for being unhealthy, all of the various delicious aspects of Mexican, Latin American and Spanish recipes can be achieved in a healthy, nutritious way. Continue reading