Jan. 18 Webinar: Using Technology for a Healthy Lifestyle

guy-adjusting-phone-on-armAs we continue into the 21st century, mobile applications, or apps, are playing an increasingly important role in the daily lives of individuals of all ages. Many use this mobile technology to track their health and activities – generating the potential to be used in concert with other health-promoting strategies. Continue reading

Enhanced Secure Messaging: What You Need to Know

jeune-femme-poste-de-travailHealth Net is committed to ensuring the protection and security of our email correspondence. Our Secure Messaging Center enables Health Net to exchange sensitive information with employer groups like you, easily and securely.

What’s Changing?
We’ve enhanced Secure Messaging by introducing a new one-time password requirement for users with a registered account. This additional authentication strengthens protection because it offers an additional step for validating your identity. Continue reading

Making the Most of Social Media for Small Businesses

business people with tabletConsidering that Facebook has now existed for more than 10 years, it’s not surprising to learn that the vast majority of U.S. small businesses – some 81 percent – currently tap Facebook and other social-media platforms to market their goods and services.

Thus, the question at this juncture in the evolution of social media isn’t “Have small businesses embraced social media?”  Continue reading

Why You Should be Building Your Business 140 Characters at a Time

Biz guy and woman at computerIf you’re a small-business owner, chances are – given that it’s 2015 – you’ve already done the digital basics; meaning, you have a website and a company Facebook page. Many business owners, however, have yet to take the next logical social-media step and join Twitter. Continue reading

Health Net in the Palm of Your Hand

Remind Your Employees about the Health Net Mobile App


Designed for members on the go, Health Net Mobile is a convenient way to connect to a HealthNet.com online account.


Your employees are busy, and keeping track of the details – even the important details of their family’s health care – can be daunting. If they have an iPhone*, Android* or other web-enabled mobile device, they have everything they need to track their health plan details – no matter where they are or how busy. Continue reading

Take Your Business to the Next Tech Level

While the proverbial playing field between small businesses and big-box retailers may never be completely level, there are a host of new technology tools that at least help make significant strides in that direction. Here are some tips to make sure your business is in line and getting the most from technology. Continue reading

Put Your Health Info on the Record

Good medical care often hinges on answering the right questions. When was your last tetanus shot? Have you ever had surgery? Do you take medications—and if so, what kind and how much?


Trying to remember all the details about your procedures, tests, medications and other important health information can be difficult. But something called a personal health record (PHR) can help. This is a key component of good care that can help boost your employees’ health and well being. Continue reading