Move It to Lose It! January 20 Webinar

man being weighedMove It to Lose It!

Have you ever tried to make a healthy change as a New Year’s resolution to start off the New Year on a positive note?  Sometimes the hardest part is starting, keeping or maintaining a healthy resolution.  We will provide information and tips to help you succeed at starting and maintaining a solid exercise program. Continue reading

Keeping Kids Close During Deployment

kiss jar5 military-family tips that ignite conversation and combat sadness
Deployment — whether it’s the first or fifteenth time — is difficult on a family. When a loved one is called to service, the spouse and children are often left battling feelings that range from extreme pride and love to loneliness, anger and, oftentimes, resentment. Despite these feelings, families who understand each other’s feelings and needs can maintain good communication.


Continue reading

Survive the Cold & Flu Season

Taking care of sick co-workerIs it a cold or the flu?  Taking charge of your health is especially important this time of the year.  The Cold & Flu season is approaching, and it is essential to learn about Cold & Flu prevention techniques and treatments.  Understanding the difference between the Cold & Flu symptoms helps treatment work quicker at ending your symptoms.

Health Net is offering a telephone/webinar based class to individuals that will increase awareness about the Cold & Flu season.  Continue reading

Working When You Have Arthritis

170219748_5-cmyk-elArthritis often is associated with aging, and – although it’s true that the incidence of arthritis increases as people get older – individuals across the age spectrum contend with this condition. In fact, nearly 53-million adults – as well as 300,000 children – have some type of arthritis. Given its prevalence, it’s not surprising to learn that arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America.


In addition to many other health-related observances, May is Arthritis Awareness Month, and there’s much to learn about this disease that impacts so many. Continue reading

Are Your Employees Happy?

happyA typical business owner’s to-do list is epic in length, scope, and overall ability to induce record-setting headaches. Consequently, rare is the business owner who has time to contemplate whether or not his/her employees are happy. What many business owners don’t realize, however, is that this would be time very well spent. Continue reading

Work-Life Balance is Good Business

young Chinese father and sonCompany owners who are committed to helping their employees achieve work-life balance may be driven by altruism or they may just be shrewd. That’s because facilitating work-life balance is simply good business. In fact, studies have found these three key results: Continue reading

Be a Quitter: Join the Great American Smokeout

SmokeoutIconic wit Mark Twain put it best: “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.”


Anyone who has ever smoked knows how difficult it is to stop. Perhaps that’s why one in five American adults – 43.6-million people – still smoke cigarettes. And nearly 15-million people smoke tobacco in cigars or pipes. Continue reading